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The reason there isn’t any “Golden Sun” content in SSB4


Iwata: Speaking of which, Isaac is not present as an assist trophy this time.
Sakurai: Ah, yes, about that.
Sakurai: See, when Brawl was created, one particular number of the staff programmed him in without my consent.
Iwata: *laughs* I see. He must have been very dedicated.
Sakurai: Yes. But on this game, he was no longer on the team.
Sakurai: I had asked the team who exactly Isaac was, so I could put him in the new game, but nobody knew. Isaac must have been some original character or something.


Golden Sun - Book One by neshirys

"Ages ago, or so the stories tell, the power of Alchemy ruled over the world of Weyard. Alchemy wrought the base elements of humanity into thriving civilizations, like lead into gold. But in time, man’s dreams gave birth to untold strife. Dreams of endless riches, of eternal life, of dominion over all that lived… Dreams of conquest and war."

I wanted to draw Golden Sun fanart for ages..

And I want to say thank you to SkyberrySymphony who with their wonderful arrangements of GS soundtrack made me feel the magic of this series again~

And I’ll do my best to support Golden Sun Legends project! <3 Golden Sun fans, we need you too! 

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